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Disney's first films: Snow white, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi

Cinderella (Old vs. New by Disney) #Cinderella

old Cinderella v. new Cinderella; All the old Disney princesses are antiques, they should not be changed! -It's also a bit disrespectful to the original artists and their style/art.

Anna and Kristoff, from Disney's Frozen: if they don't get together, and they put Hans and Anna together, I am going to want to throw myself in my room and refuse to come out...for a day.

7 Moments That Made 'Frozen' the Most Progressive Disney Movie Ever- sorry, but NO. and are total BS. I love Frozen, but it is not nearly as "progressive" as this list would have you believe.


First I thought Olaf looked a lot like Donkey from Shrek. Then I realized Donket and Olaf the movie, would be hilarious!

Totally picked this up the first time I saw it. Whoever thought she was a good mother is nuts.

“I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would think Gothel is a good mother. It’s pretty obvious she only loves Rapunzel for her hair.

love this song and movie.... su orgullo no la deja hablar de amor  <3

"At least out loud. I won't say I'm in love" one of my favorite disney songs :)