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Blatz Beer..."obviously baby participates in its benefits." Fetal alcohol syndrome never looked so sexy!

A case of Blatz Beer in your home means much to the young mother, and obviously baby participates in its benefits. The malt in the beer supplies nourishing qualities that are essential at this time, and the hops act as an appetizing, stimulating tonic.

popular weight loss prescription pills

Don't Use Too Much or You& is listed (or ranked) 34 on the list Vintage Health Ads That Actually Give Horrible Advice

A Bomb Detergent – Strange Weird Vintage Products & Ads

25 Weird Vintage Products & Ads

'wash atomic bomb contamination away with Flobar Detergent'. I don't know about the rest of you, but the last thing I want is a "gentle" soap when washing away A-bomb contamination.

pabst tonic. That's a round about way of saying, "here ya go! One beer for Mom, and one for baby"

Pabst Extract A malt tonic from Pabst. "The best tonic prepares the way for happy, healthy motherhood.

Depression-era advertisement

Tapeworms For Weight Loss And Other Bygone Health Ads

I'll take 9 dozen

Vitamin Donuts for Pep and Vigor! The Doughnut Corporation sought endorsement from the Nutrition Division of the War Food Administration for its Vitamin Doughnuts campaign. [From the National.

Abnormals Anonymous by Stella Gray!

Abnormals Anonymous comic by Stella Gray never had so desperate a group of human beings banded together 75 cents, vingtage comic book

VINTAGE SEXIST ADS | Sexist Vintage Ads » Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Sexist Vintage Ads

The propaganda is more sophisticated these days, buit the message of advertising remains the same: Be Afraid. "A Wife Can Blame Herself If She Loses Love By Getting "Middle-Age" Skin! "From Duke Digital Collections.

sugar can be the willpower you need to undereat

"Diet dodge: Enjoy an ice cream cone shortly before lunch.Sugar can be the willpower you need to undereat.", Sugar Information Inc, 1971

Trophy Wives, Anyone? is listed (or ranked) 35 on the list Vintage Ads That Are Offensively Sexist

10+ Vintage Ads That Are Ridiculously Sexist

Trophy Wives, Anyone? is listed (or ranked) 35 on the list Vintage Ads That Are Offensively Sexist

Inappropriate Vintage Ads For Children

***Between DDT and Hexychlorophene, we survived.***Inappropriate Vintage Ads For Children

Conover Electric Dishwasher, 1931;   I didn't know they HAD electric dishwashers in the 1930's

Conover Electric Dishwasher, 1931 This is why I couldn't be Amish. Once I got a peek at an electric dishwasher, it would be "game over.