I love outlined art... no matter how many times my art professors told me, "Do you see outlines in your every day life?"

WAVES - This is my favourite art piece, created by my very talented brother.he did this piece in response to the Tsunami in has been published in a book to fund raise for Tsunami relief

218a illustration Dramatic Scratchboard Illustrations by Nicolas Delort

Dramatic Scratchboard Illustrations by Nicolas Delort

Nico Delort’s Epic Ink and Scratchboard Illustrations Offer an Intriguing Glimpse into Unknown Stories

Warli - Art from India depicting everyday's life

A Warli village has been presented in this painting with huts, trees, animals and people. Men and women are seen cooking food, milking a cow.

Victo Ngai — Designspiration

victongai: Tough Calls Victo Ngai Latest piece for Plansponsor magazine about the tension in choosing -one needs to give up something in order to gain. Big big thanks to AD SooJin!


Samurai face mask (mempo) and pumpkin helmet (kabuto), Osaka Castle Museum. On the battlefield they inspired terror, harvesting heads and glory with their swords.

See you again...

How Alex Wells created the gorgeous artwork of a new edition of Asimov's I, Robot - The Verge


Austria, Ski Lodge in the Alps. Celebrated designer Erich von Wunschheim designed this 1937 travel poster, Austria, Ski Lodge in the Alps, for the Austrian tourism board.

The Art Of Animation, Demizu Posuka

Beautiful, inspirational and creative images from Piccsy. Thousands of Piccs from all our streams, for you to browse, enjoy and share with a friend.

1825—Prince Okundaira | Man Buns: A Chronological Hairstory

1825—Prince Okundaira

Young man - Prince Okundaira - in formal haori. Hand-colored photo, Japan, by photographer Felice Beato.

Samurai executioner, a well known old practitioner who by his own account had in a year when business was brisk a very tolerable income. He received some 7 ichiboos (about $2.30) per head, and had taken off as many as 350 heads in a twelve month period, his office, however was a despised one.

Samurai executioner, a well known old practitioner who by his own account had…

A Kimono and an Obi have many things with a family cost of arms as a motif.

侍の芸術 (Arte Del Samurai)

Samurai Crests usually designed into the tsuba of their katana but also great for graphic or embroidery patterns