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12/22 めかじきのハーブオイル焼き弁当

12/22 めかじきのハーブオイル焼き弁当

Japanese Onigiri Bento Lunch (Umeboshi Rice Ball, Teriyaki Chicken, Asparagus Bacon Roll, Two‐tone Cherry Tomatoes)|あ~るママ さんのお弁当

How to Pack a Vegan Lunchbox. Natalie Lenser, DDS - pediatric dentist in Modesto, CA toothfairyteam



秋遠足★焼きおにぎりのお弁当|あ~るママオフィシャルブログ「毎日がお弁当日和♪」Powered by Ameba

Japanese Bento Box I'll bet Japanese people love this style of bento lunch.

ほっこり♪大根づくしの冬弁当。|あ~るママオフィシャルブログ「毎日がお弁当日和♪」Powered by Ameba

Vegetarian bento box featuring daikon "steaks" with mushroom and carrot, tamagoyaki, cherry tomato, and rice with umeboshi


Fried whole shrimp bento box, featuring millet rice, onion tamagoyaki, simmered kabocha & hijiki, and pomegranate with cauliflower & okra

Japanese box lunch, Bento:

"Lunch - sweet and sour bean paste lunch-daddy of meat balls into Okara" Oh Rumama

□ マンボウカツ □ ゆでたまご □ 小松菜とベーコン炒め □ 根菜類の煮物 □ プチトマト □ 玄米ご飯

Foodie Spotlight: Bento Box - A lunchbox filled with steamed white rice, pickled ume, meats and fish!

「牛肉とピーマンのポン酢炒め弁当~パパのお弁当~」の画像|毎日がお弁当日和♪ |Ameba (アメーバ)

I like the structure of the meats and the onigiri, but I think this bento's a little lacking in veggies. Probably add more beef, and swap the sausages for a salad.


日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento 具沢山の日の丸弁当 Japanese Bento Boxed Lunch (French Beans and Cheese Pork Roll, Braised Lotus Root Kinpira, Simmered Kabocha Squash, Dashimaki Egg Roll) by Mai Mai