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SIT illustration

Sit ‘Noir’ Fantastic sexy and morbid black and white acrylic paint / spraycan works, by Amsterdam based artist Sit who works as a painter and graphic designer.

Sitaki (SIT)

Black & white illustration by SIT. SIT is an artist who has been part of the Amsterdam creative scene for many years. Doing action painting, graphic design, advertising and more until he got fed up.

Franz Fiedler - Поиск в Google

"Narre Tod, Mein Spielgesell" (Fool Death, My Playmate). Circa 1922 - A photography series by Franz Fiedler

Haiiro - Working primarily in black and white, Sit focuses on the paintings, illustrations of realism, social satire and morbidity.

Sit Haiiro is an Artist from the Netherlands. After working as a digital creative for commercial companies, Sit decided to stop this madness in 2008 and went

O my GAWD, that is SO CUTE!

Alice in Wonderland: "Cheshire Surprise" - Kei Acedera - Imaginism Studios Inc.

Sit Haiiro

black-art: “ yagazieemezi: “ These images by Amsterdam-based artist Sit Haiiro have me in a trance.

NOIR (2011) - sit

sit sexy african woman girl surrealist painting design peackock feather and checker board design