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The Walking Dead Game fan-art by Ulysse Malassagne

The Walking Dead Game there a little girl who with man. He take care the girl and protect from walkers and I like that picture.

The walking dead game fan art. Wow, everyone I can think of is here! (From season 1)

Lee Everett and Clementine from The Walking Dead (Video Game) February- Kenny added February- Katjaa and Duck added February- Ben added . The Walking Dead: The Game + 400 Days

Great job Mr. Brown!!

Raging Zombie Attacks Rick in WALKING DEAD Fan Art

Walking Dead Game Art - Mimicking Robbert Kirkman's art style used in the comic of The Walking Dead, this concept art of Clementine make the player feel concerned and worried for her, with details such as blood on her top helping players feel this. The comic style is abundantly clear and the game incorporated this with a cel-shaded art style. The game is mainly dark, so the drawing looming down on Clementine adds to the dark mood of the game.

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