When you read it in Moriarty's voice, it becomes 50x more funny

Dare you not to say it in that voice. Mobiarty Dick by ~Azymmuth on deviantART

This is the cutest

This is the cutest

Sherlock Holmes. Don't Stare, it's rude.

Don't Stare, it's rude. (didn't actually understand, who and why, but i like the idea and characyer design)

I love Moriarty

Love Andrew Scott as Moriarty << is no one going to mention that the Supernatural fandom strikes AGAIN with a perfect gif?<<< We have s gif for everything.

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A day in the life of Mycroft… i love how he sleeps with his umbrella. I laughed through the whole thing.LIKE A BOSS

Seb had never actually BEEN on the show, though... How do we even know what he looks like (beyond an ACD description)?

Sooo 3 at Johns chest?Like his heart? 3 at Sherlocks head?Like his Brain?Anyone get what post I mean :)<<<noooooooo feeeeeeelss


Scenes from the Life of Sherlock and John by ~portmanteau-press on deviantART - Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock & John - johnlock

C'est comme ça que ça aurait du se passer

Fixed it. It isn't Johnlock, yet it has certain feel to it that is more caring and the way the are inside. I didnt quite like how formal their goodbye ended up being. <<< I ship Johnlock but even if this is platonic I love this

People throwing Sebastian into the series even though he's not...yet ;D -nudgenudgewinkwinkMoffatandGatiss-  Also #reapersun is one of my favs. <3

People throwing Sebastian into the series even though he's not.D -nudgenudgewinkwinkMoffatandGatiss- Also is one of my favs.