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Sourdough yeast starter and boule | heoyeahyum.com

How to make your own Yeast. Final product after the flour is added and a couple days have passed.

No knead sourdough: How to with lots of excellent links. This is a very easy recipe

From the Editor: Please welcome Erin, Cultures for Health Social Media Coordinator and Cultured Kitchen Keeper. This is seriously the easiest sourdough sandwich bread that I have ever made.

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A Marmie Life: Wild Yeast Sourdough Bread Starter. I think I've finally found the recipe I've been looking for!

How to make a sourdough yeast starter. Easier than I thought: just flour, water, and some time and attention.

How to make sourdough yeast starter and bake sourdough boule bread - nice graphics.

Make Your Own Sourdough Starter

Sourdough starter - I've always wondered how people store their sourdough starters. Do they really keep them in a bowl in the fridge?

Sourdough Yeast Starter | Becorath's Survival.

I make homemade bread and other things from scratch. I currently have my own sourdough starter going. ~How to make your own Sourdough yeast starter, includes a great article with the infographic.