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Something strange about this picture? Perhaps the fruit bat shown isn’t standing, but hanging upside down and the photo is actually turned upside down. “For me, the bats became more engaging” that way, Flach explains. (Photo by Tim Flach)

Bumblebee bat

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Venenosa, mas linda

Boiga Dendrophila by Mickaël Léger - Now if only there were a pair of platform heels as cool as this snake. But don't kill the snake.she's awesome.

It's said that eyes are the windows to the soul...eyes look like windows to the universe to me #justmythoughts

Dont you thing the second to last looks like the eye of sauron. also, predators with slit eyes are primarily ambush hunters.

Oh my goodness.  What will it take for people to learn the difference between albinism and leucism?!  Only the frog and the alligator are albinos.  The other white animals are leucistic.  There's a difference.  Go read and learn something, folks.

Funny pictures about Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom. Also, Melanism Vs. Albinism In The Animal Kingdom photos.

Bat Adorably Stuffs Her Face with Grapes

BijouxNoir - gifsboom: Video: Bat Stuffs Her Face with Grapes

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NastyCobra's Dumping Grounds

Want to hold one!

Want to hold one!

a tube-nosed fruit bat who looks like a golden gremlin. WHO KNEW!?

It’s being called the “Yoda” bat — a newly discovered fruit bat found in the remote rainforests of Papua New Guinea as part of an expedition by Conservation International to study new species. Tube-Nosed Bat, discovered in Papua,