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Native communities like the Gitga'at Nation consider the spirit bear to be sacred. Gitga'at mythology says that the Raven, their creator God, gave the spirit bear white fur to remind humans of a time when the world was covered in ice and snow. (Ian McAllister, Pacific Wild / International League of Conservation Photographers)

Spirit Bear in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, the largest untouched stretch of ancient temperate rainforest on earth.

Bear Mom: "Can you see that my adorable cub 'bears' such a resemblance to me?

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Sweet wild baby animals Brown bear mother and cubs, Katmai National Park, Alaska Cheetahs.

Bear love

Bear love

Say Hello - By Kyriakos Kaziras

"Say Hello" by Kyriakos Kaziras on ~ This is a Female Polar Bear with her cub in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska.



White Bear

Save the Spirit Bear Coast! Canada's Federal Government is about to decide whether to approve the Nothern Gateway Pipeline. (My bet is that they will let it happen - after all, they are in power because of their ties to the oil companies.

The Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), also known as a "spirit bear", is a subspecies of the North American Black Bear living in the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia, Canada. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Like ginger hair and freckles, kermode bears are. - Like ginger hair and freckles, kermode bears are the recipients of a set of recessive color traits. Kermode and black cubs often occur together. This kermode mother has a black cub.

Spirit bear - A rare moment. Eye to eye with a spirit bear. - National Geographic Phot

spirit bear, a leucistic coastal brown bear (note that albinism causes a lack of coloration in the nose, skin & eyes as well, leucism denotes only partial color loss)

This is my mom...is mine too !! Precious polar bears.

Some of these images are my own, the others display a beauty that I want to share and I have credited the artist where I could. If I have posted your photo without proper credits, please contact me.

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"I dreamed I was a dancing bear, and I was doing my dancing where the bears dance, and I was sneezing. 'Cause I was a dancing polar bear, and it was freezing.