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Anime picture original tagme (artist) single tall image short hair looking at viewer brown hair smile fringe hair between eyes bent knee (knees) sunlight full body open jacket from below hand in pocket ruins weightlessness male plant (plants) 497849 en

Touken Rambu - Contemporary illustrator

Izumi no Kami Kanesada - Touken Ranbu - Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Don't know where to put this but it's amazing

My heart just gave out a little.

Such a beautiful story!s the heart smith reminds me of leo valdez and the customer reminds me of jason.


Hanakotoba is the meaning Japanese ascribe to flowers. Red spider lilies signify loss, abandonment, and separation. My mother has red spider lilies in her flower garden.my tears will fall when they bloom in the autumn.

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Much pretty! My inner fujoshi wants to ship him with a certain brother because back in the old days incest was fairly acceptable. Yaoi is life~