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Frank Castle

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Princess Of Cyber Space>>> Is that. bismuth I see.


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universe of chaos

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No use asking the politicians to do something.

This would make awesome art. Or even a card to send.

Long distance Love Art Print >>>My next art project for my room♥

Sad Love Books 14 Background Wallpaper - Hdlovewall.com

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Черный союз

we are made of stardust

Kelsey Erin Photography- Military Homecomings

okay, levi needs to come home, now.

Виталя Сидоровъ

I hope that one day I will see myself in truly United Europe. In my veins flows italian, german, austrian and polish blood. Born as Citizen of Poland.

"You know how to take that gun apart yet?" James asked. Radley sighed and flopped back on the motel bed. "No," he said. James stared at him. He indicated the untouched gun on the table. "Did you even try?"

"You know how to take that gun apart yet? Radley sighed and flopped back on the motel bed.

Inspo // Weaponry

A photoset to use as reference for various handguns and the way most hands hold them. At some point in the future, I need to put together a reference for PROPER professional posture in wielding guns,.


Time-Warp Wife - Keeping Christ at the Center of Marriage: The Chain of Unforgiveness Isn't Worth the Price You'll Pay

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