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Wild wolf Photo by nemi1968**...╰⊱♥⊱╮ - Jenny Ioveva - Google+

Wild wolf Photo by nemi1968**...╰⊱♥⊱╮ - Jenny Ioveva - Google+

“Angels are the gatekeepers to the soul.”

Lightning Strike- Female- *open* Sweet but short-tempered. Mate- ThunderingWind Pup- None. Kin- Dark Blood and Falling Snow (Cool Art Dark)

In spite of it all, beauty holds it's glamour in the wild...

Snow wolf Mouse Pad, Mousepad: It provides excellent protection for your phone from scratches, bumps and dust. It is easy to attach and remove without any tools. This case is designed by our professional designer and merges many personalized elements.



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Mexican Wolves Desktop Wallpapers, Animal Photos, Pictures, Wolves Backgrounds for your desktop computer wallpaper

Makita....I love and miss you so much. I'm sorry.

Look Into My Eyes Winter Wolf Wallpaper Wolves Animals Wallpapers) – Wallpapers and Backgrounds

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Arctic Wolf - [Canis lupus arctos] The arctic wolf, also called snow wolf or white wolf, is a subspecies of the gray wolf, a mammal of the family Canidae. Arctic wolves inhabit the Canadian Arctic and the northern parts of Greenland.

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Ice Shooter lay on the ground, she had a scar on her fore head which was bleeding. You ran over to her and asked. Then you noticed it was her. (Open roleplay/conutiued in messages)