FREE Days of the Week Mini-Beasts Theme - PDF file4 page, free days of the week download from Clever Classroom. Colorful pictures of a mini...


Hey, Little Ant!

With Spring comes bugs and other crawly things. This packet contains over 90 pages of bug games and activities that teach sight words, schema, non-.

Mini Beasts Insects Nature Poster Chart

Mini Beasts Insects Nature Poster Chart - Useful here at Ufton with our Net Sweeping activities

gardening with children by, via Flickr

Planting Sunflower seeds

Get your children gardening with these ideas. Sunflower Club activities Grow your own height chart Seed growing experiment Potato activities Snail races Make a fairy garden Make a dinosaur world Mini beast bingo Cress eggheads

Minibeasts, Amphibians and Reptiles: This book contains information about UK minibeasts, amphibians and reptiles. Pupils can either listen to or read the text. The links in the text will navigate to other pages containing related items. Click on the 'eye' to see a pop-up of a feature with its definition.

A simple, non-fiction, information book with sound support and interactive labels.

Buggy sensory bin on the light table

The bug bin - coloured glass nuggets, stones, marbles, mini-beasts, tweezers & magnify glasses

FREE PRINTABLES OF INITIALS - Each initial is filled with magnificent images starting with that letter. Have students color them for an easy classroom project or to organize your classroom with flair! (Copy/Paste these visual masterpieces)

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