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"Quincy's been waiting all week to show the garbage men his garbage truck. But, in the moment, he was overwhelmed in the presence of his heros.

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Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Love this scrolling stuff !

I totally read that in the Monty Python Documentary Spoof voice they always use.

Young police car…

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OMG. This is so my lil brother @Chris White  @Jill Akers White

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Omg is this real

Funniest fails ever collection — Top Sometimes things don’t go as expected and in fact they turn out to become embarrassing or hilarious situation . Sometimes it just stupidity .

Go around your neighborhood and draw faces on Cars <3

Disney Pixar Cars in a Parking Lot of Snow: Someone decided to animate all the cars parked in the snow outside! They resemble the cars from the movie "Cars" by