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Paris-based photographer Cath Schneider recently became aware of a small hedgehog living in her garden and decided to investigate a bit closer with her daughter. Schneider set out a small plate of milk and sure enough the fearless little guy ambled over.

Why kids and their pets are such good friends

We don't want human children, but man these pictures are ADORABLE! =) We LOVE our doggie children tons!

I have a deep sensitivity for chicken legs.

I miss my hedgehog, Idgie. She was a good little hedgehog. If hedgehogs weren't illegal in PA, I would surely own one.

The baby hedgehog should also be fed with good milk substitute like “Vitapet” lactose free pet milk which is usually available in the supermarket. You should never give your hoglets cow’s milk.

so cute! <3

So happy!

As far as pets go, it is the African pygmy hedgehog that is the most popular. These hedgehogs have a lifespan of around...

Facts About Hedgehog Pet

Here are some strange, yet true, things you may not have known about hedgehogs.<-----You must know Jawn really well to know all these things about him!<~~~~ the Sherlock fandom striking again.

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Baby bear

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