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this is my favorite altern universe of undertale.i love this brothers


Hell Sans: I have a lolipop for ya Swap sans: mweh heh heh *being crazy*

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What happens when Underswap Pap gives Undertale Pap honey

Holy shit underfell Papyrus has really great abs jesus

Z cyklu co by było gdyby szkielety miały ektociała xD

Underswap sans

-I serriously love these fanarts XD, did you know that the word fanart become fart if we take away the na from the word, Nevermind XD, How is your day going?

Underswap AU {Sans & Papyrus personalities switched} #Papyrus#Sans#Undertale

Underswap AU {Sans & Papyrus personalities switched} Sans makes an absolutely adorable younger brother type. And Papyrus looks awesome as the chill older brother

US Sans x Paps by Kaweii on DeviantArt

DeviantArt: More Like Camping Trip? by AskTheSanses