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gazette94: CHAT

red and white cat - it is cross stitch, but I think it would make a very nice tattoo


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Kittie's names! I rename all mine, but I know them by their actual names and the ones I gave them

After a week of teasing, the Neko Atsume Cross Stitch Patterns are available on our Etsy shop! All of the 32 non-rare cats are available, and a sweet bundle of 32 patterns for a steep discount.

#自制宠物窝#@啊蓝lan 萌喵!一下子就想起你家宝贝了~本来原作想用保鲜膜裹毯子做填充物,一层层刷白胶贴报纸的,后来发现不好拿出来,就把底部拆了重新密封个厚纸板,这样底部更流畅也不易摇晃。做好了还可以装饰一下,刷漆贴布片等等,最重要的还是先确定宠物的大小撒~不由想起流行过的湿毡猫窝了。

I don't read asian anything but can figure out from the pix how to do this adorable kitty hidy hole [ aka cat cave]