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are these kittens sleeping on a grill.oh no Tyler has bad luck with animals that sleep in grills.

My cat used to do that

this is what Abigail and Hannah look like when they hug, makes me laugh


If you wear black you aren't just a shadow of other people you are a human who deserve the same respect as the people who think they are "normal" and you not. If we wear black we aren't sad everytime we can smile and be happy. Just don't judge us!

I fits... :)

If the shoe fits. Cat humor, "I'm Cinderella! Cute little kitty with his whole body fitting inside sandal. My cat tries to fit in shoes.


26 Boops That Shook The World. The Classic Boop (aka, The “I Boop Your Nose” Boop) This is the no-frills, standard-issue, “classic” boop. Just boop the nose, say “Boop! Nothing at all wrong with that.

Sisters    https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/943655_389154284532042_1237871115_n.jpg

Funny pictures about A perfect pair. Oh, and cool pics about A perfect pair. Also, A perfect pair.

My cat, sleeping.Kellas Campbell  (London, England, United Kingdom)

Cats in Art and Illustration: Kellas Campbell. I love all her work; she did a painting of my cat Scooter after he went to Rainbow Bridge.