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Your yard may be beautiful but it’s a veritable danger zone to your pet! Some of the main dangers are poisonous plants, jagged rocks, and fertilizers that can cause severe pancreatitis. Even the best behaved cats and dogs can get themselves into trouble in your yard, so take the time to pet-proof it before letting them loose to play.

Pet-Proof Your Yard

Keep your four-legged friends healthy and safe in your yard!

{vintage Ceramic Tuxedo Cat} with green eyes and a cute lil red nose

vintage Ceramic Tuxedo Cat - black and white cat with green eyes

Dahlink, nobuddy will recognize me nao.

Flashback Friday

Cool Cat - Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood, 1961 by Ralph Crane, from LIFE Magazine

kraft-zarc--large-msg-13368537426.jpg (467×700)

Important Cat Shit. If you smelled my kittens cat shit you'd know its important!

Labrador Metal Sculpture - Wind and Weather

Our metal yard and garden statues are whimsical statement pieces for your home. Our collection of metal wind spinners & metal garden art is sure to enchant!

Javanese cat - Breed Profile:    Origin: Siam (Thailand)  Colors: Red point, cream point, lynx (tabby) point, tortie point  Size: Small to medium  Coat Type(s): Longhair  Grooming: Every few weeks  Talkativeness: Very vocal  Activity Level: Very high  Attention Requirement: High  Overall: Can be a handful

JAVANESE Like Cornish Rexes and Devon Rexes, Javanese cats have only one of the three layers of coat that most cats have. The difference is that Javanese cats have a fine top coat instead of an undercoat.

Peacock Filled Candle in a Box - smells wonderful.

Who cares what the candle smells like when the box is this pretty!