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Men's Stamp

It becomes the stamp, such as hope that it will also grown man.

Stamp heartwarming en-chan

It is a stamp which I made with eraser stamp.Please enjoy a heartwarming talk with stamp of loose character!

mama's stamp

mama is very very very greatness.


This is " Nyanp "

Pug-tan stamp

Pug dog stamp favorite funny face everyone! By all means people who like dogs short nose lol.

poko's family stamp

useful family stamp

Loose dog stickers

It is many kinds of loose dog stickers.

Fennec Sticker - LINE Creators' Stickers

Fennec stamp for Fennec enthusiast!Fennec in the daily communication!

OKAME stamp

It is a stamp of illustrator OKAME! Let use when you want to place the weakness surreal conversation!

Pop Value Stamps 2

Cute and Funny Characters Stamps

chanky stamp

A Chami my stamp appears at last.

Sand human

In the place where you feel the gaze, sand human beings lurking.

365 days of a baby

A baby's lovely action was used as the stamp. Every day of papa or a mama is made pleasant.