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fudayk: transparent grumpy hq levi sitting on a stool for all your transparent grumpy hq levi sitting on a stool needs. <--lol more Levi is always welcome


Se busca - 4.Huracán.

loves cats and is one her mom was a cat and her dad was a shape shifter they both got ran over by cars 3 weeks after she was born (RESERVED FOR

Gyaaaa ;Q;

He looks like a grumpy child in the second picture XD

Bertholdt and Annie lol i no the feeling annie XD

Annie Leonhart (Female Titan) & Bertholdt Hoover (Colossal Titan) (Shingeki No Kyojin)

Honestly... I don't even know. What I do know is that my life is 100x better now because of it

Boyfriend's jacket (looking at you Erwin Smith) Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan / SnK<No eren is levis boyfriend

Attack on Titan | (Attack on Levi)

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Fun fact, I was doing some research on Attack on Titan because why not, and I figured out that Erwin is a whole foot taller than Levi (Erwin is and Levi is poor levi

Attack on Titan

The feels. I cried when Petra died, basically when the Levi squad died, IM GETTING TEARY EYED. But seriously tho. Does anyone else notice that dab?