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♡ Lovebirds ♡

peach faced lovebirds The green ones look EXACTLY like my bird!

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Fischer's Lovebird - Agapornis fischeri - Overview - Encyclopedia of Life

Que mirás,Te Quiero❤

♥ Cockatoo Looking at YOU.Upside Down, of Course They love to photo bomb.

個別「20160505212741」の写真、画像、動画 - photosgo's fotolife

個別「20160505212741」の写真、画像、動画 - photosgo's fotolife

'Pink and Green Love Birds'

These are beautiful. They look like pink lovebirds? I used to raise lovebirds but I've never seen pink ones.

Hi everybody

Lutino Lovebird-I had one named Ducky and he would sit on the edge of my cereal bowl while I had breakfast. Very sweet bird.

Peachface Lovebird

This LB looks EXACTLY like my baby Imiss. She died in my hands and was buried in the Laguna Beach sand. :') Dutch Blue Lovebird www.