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Street Art – The latest adorable chalk creations by David Zinn

A selection of the latest creations by American artist David Zinn, who mixes street art with chalk and anamorphoses to populate the streets with his adorable

Photos of temporary street art installations from the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, June-July 2015 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ann Arbor Summer Festival Installations, 2015 edition

"Sluggo always says: if you can’t be the Big Cheese, just bring one."

David Zinn 2017 "Sluggo always says: if you can’t be the Big Cheese, just bring one." With Sluggo at Artisphere: Arts.

David Zinn

"When the temperature hits F in a Michigan February, even the professional purveyors of impossibility stop and stare.

Wachten op de bus

Apparently, there's a mice line that stops at the northwest corner of William & Main; I'm guessing it's an express bus to the Creamery. Commute by bus! You might be surprised by who you meet. Ann Arbor, Michigan (May - street art by David Zinn

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Though they usually escape blame, a surprising number of cracked sidewalks are caused by rowdents.

David Zinn (@davidzinn_art) | Твиттер

David Zinn 'Sluggo finally gets outside for a walking tour of springtime colors and the others in the box, too.

Sluggo on the Street, Vol. 2 - David Zinn

Always look out your window first thing in the morning, because even if it’s not your birthday, there still might be cake. (August - street art by David Zinn

David Zinn - At The Peaceable Kingdom - 10/2014

sluggo on the street.Sluggo and Philomena (a. The Vampig) are well into the spirit of the season.