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Food Science Japan: Morinaga Glucosamine Drink

Through its home delivery network, Morinaga now is selling a drink containing ingredients associated with joint health.

Food Science Japan: Nikka Whiskey and Barley Varieties

Different varieties of barley are used for barley tea and for whiskey/beer. This nice illustration shows the difference. Six-row barley on.

Food Science Japan: Kirin Signed Soccer Ball DVD Giveaway

Kirin is perhaps the biggest corporate sponsor for the national soccer teams. In this current promotion, a signed uniform and personalized.

Food Science Japan: Suntory Boss FamilyMart Collection

In another Suntory product which finds a new middle ground between branded and private brand products, the newest edition to the Boss cann.

Food Science Japan: KFC Route 25 Adult Kentucky

There are now two KFC Route 25 locations, with a central location now added in the Otemachi area. Route 25 is Kentucky Fried Chicken's att.

Food Science Japan: Meiji Cup Golf Tournament

The Meiji Cup Golf Tournament will be held in Sapporo this weekend. Meiji promotes their VAAM sports drink for even moderate exercise, so .

Food Science Japan: KFC Red Hot Chicken

The end of the summer brings the reintroduction of Red Hot Chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan. A whole meal of only Red Hot Chicke.

完熟りんごのおいしさと栄養をギュッと凝縮。【青森 林檎糖蜜琥珀セット】

完熟りんごのおいしさと栄養をギュッと凝縮。【青森 林檎糖蜜琥珀セット】

Food Science Japan: Ito Ham Giveaway Recette and Hello Kitty

Ito Ham is conducting a 3 phase giveaway involving items that go well with sandwich meats. We are now in the second phase of this giveaway.

Food Science Japan: Glico 5th Generation Neon Sign Countdown

The Glico Osaka Dotonbori Neon sign has become one of the iconic photo taking spots in Japan. It is now time to renew the sign and Glico i.

Food Science Japan: FamilyMart Bari Chocolate Collection

FamilyMart, the convenience store chain, has a new line of black sweets aimed at men. It is called Bari Chocolate, which comes from the Ja.