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Cool this makes me feel normal!!

well not OCD neat-- that would be time wasted but when the bug hits clutter is gone

Horoscope Signs : Picture Description Mostly true! But I sometimes leave things unfinished, but it does annoy me until I finish it.

True I hate when people try to mess with me  It gets just worst

yup, i don't like people coming into my bubble, and i hate people messing with my comfort zone, i'm a true virgo!

Likes to be told

"Virgo woman likes to be told she is beautiful. She acts nonchalantly when she hears this, but she feels great gratitude by the statement" True.

29. Hahaha

True but sadly it encourages only silence this the Virgo loses more than she gains

true and true

It's not cockiness. But seriously, you'll never find a better, more loyal supporter.