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Calvin and Hobbes on "Writer's Block". @Andrea / FICTILIS Brown  I think I've found  your problem ;P

Calvin and Hobbes: It's a writer's block! You put it on top of your desk and then you can't write there any more.

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How i feel with bike is like Calvin's feeling! A mashup of Calvin and his bike. All images © Bill Waterson.

Got me right in the feels…@Taylor Limbert this guy remind you of anyone?

Got me right in the feels…

All I ever wished for was a friend. And his name, was The Doctor. (❤️)>>>> this is awesome! And I love how you^ said it was the doctor awwww

hobbes and bacon

Calvin and Susie got married! and they had a child and named her Bacon! and now she and Hobbes are buddies! I love it! I'm a nerd lol (Hobbes & Bacon

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You know, minus the snowball to the face, I always think the same thing whenever I talk to a girl I like!