Western Male Vampire Hunter - No fandom or anything, I just want to see more vamps in the old west.

Yutri Tweetlip, Joanna Wolska on ArtStation at

Jiy Evveki is a trans sexual courier and bard in the Green giant valley that entertain on her journeys with songs about love between all kind of genders.

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wizard lady Concept art (Triss Merigold) for The Witcher by Projekt Red (via Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor)


eva-widermann-pokerknight-derekfantasy Oh hell yeah! A Shaintar version of Gambit! (Really Cool Art)

f Fighter Plate Sword midlvl Fantasia

f Paladin w 2 swords platemail Visual for the female fighter character concept I'm working on.

Some dude Doctor

Explorer scholar, steampunk / fantasy character inspirationGuibert du’Cormathie - Scholar in resident, Illance College. Expert in physiology and anatomy.

Zenos after haircutting

Dragon Knight by fighter paladin soldier broad sword plaemail scale armor clothes clothing fashion player character

Good news RPG fans! inXile entertainment launches a new Kickstarter campaign to fund The Bard's Tale IV.

Female	human	brownhair	hazeleyes, browneyes	paleskin, lightskin		rogue, civilian	lightarmor, noarmor	noweapon	nomagic		nopet	nomount	fullbodyview

The Order: 1886 Contest Entry by GreyRadian Australia female Victorian fighter prince knight royalty