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From FB 達達陳 攝影美學 甜甜圈木屋— 在雪山登山口 用長時間曝光,或間隔曝光.....這張照片用了192張疊圖,曝光總時間約102分鐘

From FB 達達陳 攝影美學 甜甜圈木屋— 在雪山登山口 用長時間曝光,或間隔曝光.....這張照片用了192張疊圖,曝光總時間約102分鐘

on this day… cypress tx family and child photographer

on this dayone year ago you were born on this dayyou have become a tiny personfilled with giggles and baby conversationsand baby love. on this dayyou are now a mover,a shaker, and a snuggler. on this daythen and nowyou changed…

Wuzhen water town - a paradise 乌镇

Wuzhen is a historic scenic town, part of Tongxiang, located in northern Zhejiang Province, China. It lies within the triangle formed by Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai.

Street photography tips. http://clickitupanotch.com/2012/10/street-photography-8-tips-to-follow/#_a5y_p=1111534

Street Photography: 9 Tips to Follow

Street Photography Shutter: 1000 Aperture: I like this photo because it takes place in the city and I like where the photographer shot the photo which I believe is in the street.

The Most Beautiful Places in China, Top 10 Chinese Scenic Attractions

© Summer Murdock | Photographer Lifestyle Utah Photographer pretty light

scenes from the couch..

Bossy, Demanding, and emotional. I love this because it shows the phases of children temperament. Great choice of depth of field, blur shot, and color settings.

Autofocus is so good on modern cameras that most photographers use it all the time. It seemingly never lets you down. But, let’s say it’s nighttime and you are going to do some shooting. You find a good spot. You set up your tripod. You go to focus your camera using the autofocus. You can feel the camera’s …

9 Tips to Help you get Sharp Focus at Night

Autofocus is so good on modern cameras that most photographers use it all the time.How to get sharp focus at night!

From FB Kikos Kuo 攝影美學

From FB Kikos Kuo 攝影美學