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Shadow Puppets, Qing Dynasty or later, Sichuan University Museum, Chengdu. This elaborate shadow puppet is made of delicately cut and painted, thin, translucent leather hides. According to the museum label, they were used for a particular kind of shadow-puppet show that originated in Chengdu during the Qianlong period (1736-1795) of the Qing dynasty.

A gold bracelet with two dragons playing with a pearl. From the Qing Dynasty in China, c. Source: [Smithsonian Freer-Sackler Museum of Asian Art – Has Cool Jewelry, Part V

名稱:清乾隆大紅緞五彩打籽繡繡球花八團女袍 尺寸:長143.5cm;寬180cm 介紹: 圓領,右衽,托領及大馬蹄袖鑲庫金緣,石青緞繡五彩打籽繡花間紅梅、立水上繡靈芝、雙魚、牡丹、八寶、菊花、梅花等。袍身大紅緞地繡圓形皮球花圖案,每團中央都以打籽繡繡球花大簇,周圍圍繞紅梅花等,皮球花間繡五彩花蝶,繡工精緻,色彩艷麗。應為宮中貴婦節慶用裝。

Chinese Emperors ROM Dowager Empress

Woman's informal coat (changfu) with phoenix and peonies Silk; reign of Guangxu Area of Origin: China;

Jacket for a Theatrical Costume Period: Qing dynasty Date: century Culture: China Medium: Silk embroidery on silk satin damask; bands: silk and metallic-thread embroidery on silk satin Accession Number:

Ceremonial caftan with long sleeves associated with Bayazit II but is probably one made for Soliman the Magnificent,Sehzade Bayazit (death in or Mustafa (death in Imperial Wardrobe Collection, Topkapı Palace Museum

Europe, Heraldic tunic from the house of Orange-Nassau attributed to John Smout silk, linen, metal thread

1920's Black & Silver Metallic/Lame Indian Robe

For Sale on - This is a striking and handsome, vintage, black and silver metallic/lame Indian robe.

名稱:清中期紅貢緞花蝶拱鶴大馬蹄袖女式吉服 尺寸:長140cm;寬192cm 介紹: 圓領,右衽,左右開裾,托領,接袖,大馬蹄袖均有庫錦、圓金、百花團鶴寬緣三道,內鑲白狐皮里。下幅江崖海水八寶立水,前、後及兩肩共有八團花,繡五彩蝴蝶圍繞一雙翅勁展、口銜靈芝的白色單頂鶴。繡工精美,色澤艷麗,富麗堂皇,保存完美。