womaninthewoods: “ onheradventure: “ Ugh this makes my heart so warm. ” holding hands is my favorite. ”

The touch of hands is the electricity of life, I love holding your hand and walking together ♏

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Life feels like all the hands you've held Me gustaria tener este ultimo deseo

can't wait to show mine next year. Already done :)

perfect Christmas picture I would move from in front of the outlet. Cute for Christmas card!

// G. Canet. -

I love those life-pausing, knee-weakening moments when my husband's kiss pulls me from my thoughts and completely into the moment. A well traveled woman

Das wünsche ich mir auch xD

Diese 20 Fotos beweisen: Wahre Liebe kennt kein Alter

This makes me laugh and say.REAL true love never loses it's "fun" in the "romance"! God bless them! Hope hubby and I still have that adorability to our love at that age!


Capture the moment. Take my hand and i will take yours. Reach out to me, hold me, comfort me, i will do the same back to you. And you can ask me anything and i will answer softly.

красиво, пары, навсегда, цели, счастье

красиво, пары, навсегда, цели, счастье