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La NASA escoge sus fotos favoritas del planeta Tierra

La NASA escoge sus fotos favoritas del planeta Tierra

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Northern light, night sky, night, star and aurora boreali HD photo by Vashishtha Jogi ( on Unsplash

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Les plus belles photos de la NASA en 2016

During an International Space Station flyover of Australia, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams captured "The unique terrain of the northwestern Australian coast.

Situated 8,000 light-years away in the constellation Vulpecula -- Latin for "little fox" -- the region in the image is known as Vulpecula OB1. It is a "stellar association" in which a batch of truly giant "OB" stars is being born. O and B stars are the largest stars that can form.

The Little Fox and the Giant Stars

The Little Fox and the Giant Stars New stars are the lifeblood of our galaxy, and there is enough material revealed by this Herschel infrared image to build stars for millions of years to come. NASA Image of the Day

Arctic Basin in the Paleogene - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

Reconstruction of the location of land and seas in Arctic regions in the Paleocene and Eocene. The conclusion about earth in Arctic regions at that time, covered with tropical vegetation

NASA Tim Kopra Mexico Sands

Tim Kopra on

May 18 2016 : Water Etchings in Western Mexico Sands Expedition 47 Flight Engineer Tim Kopra of NASA posted this May 15 2016 photograph to social media writing "Water etchings in western sands.