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Makes my heart happy! Who says cats and dogs can`t get along?

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Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day, everyone! If you& looking for a companion, consider adopting a black cat. They& often adopted last.

I held my cat like that once and he bit me. He held on for a minute to my wrist. I don't recommend holding a cat like this while bathing them.

I wish my cat would do thag in the bath lol not the plotting but the just sitting xD

So you're going to write the All-American great novel... Yeah, sure you are!

Sanford's writer's block is made worse by a lack of writing utensils.

Norwegian forest cats

branna-laurelin: “ freshiejuice: adorabelledearheart: dirtprince: thepliablefoe: Norwegian forest cats are the fucking best. They look like little snow lions MORE REASONS WHY NORWEGIAN FOREST CATS ARE.

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Non sono mica stupido come uno struzzo .I'm not as stupid as an ostrich.


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