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Yeah :/ I guess that's why some of us hold anime so dear... because it's the one thing that won't leave you hahah n.n

everyday people dont get it think its stupid, nerdy, whatever. but they dont get that is the only thing that keeps me sane it makes me laugh it makes me cry and it really, really inspires me. so stop judging i love anime and manga nothing is ever gonna ch

" I heard she has to fight some weak demon called "Entrance Exam".

"I heard she has to fight some weak demon called "Entrance Exam. More like that pathetic lizard demon xD

LOL! Ciel's face! I have been laughing for 1 min and ever time I try to stop I start laughing again.

Ciels Face XD And Sebastian's to! Lol Sebastian is rly this hot 😅 Black Butler funny

h i loved that!

Ciel- You can't just ask a troll or person or whatever about their blood color-

Sebastian Michaelis

Black Butler ~~ Who put that fugly bonnet on Grell? She rocks in weird ways, ne? I thought Grell-sama was a woman thanks to Madam's choice of clothes for him, Ve~!