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Crona, Death the Kid, gender, text, funny; Soul Eater - Life throws you curves…


Soul Eater / Pokémon ~~ Pity the Pokedex as Excalibur intones, "FOOL!" This is the best thing ever xD

Death the kid Hairstyles!<<<kids hair when it's upside down or blowing up looks hot

SoMa Week, day 1- Rommates by KeysaMoguri on deviantART

SoMa Week, day Rommates by KeysaMoguri<<<I love how Blair just lives with them kind of like their pet.

SE SoulxMaka Fancomic by edogori

I love this couple XDDDD they are so natural ^^ If anyone of you knows english doujinshis of them (not on deviantart and not kiss, I already know them^^.