PLEASE READ!! I'm making a group board for all my fellow competitive swimmers and some people who would like to possibly start competitive swimming! Maybe we can help each other out with tips, or just relate to each others love/hate relationship with the sport!! If you'd like to join let me know and I'll add you! (I'll need u to follow me so that it will let me add you!)

"Just Keep Swimming" - Pixar and Disney joins with USA Swimming to promote Swimming

Swimmer Problem

Swimmer Problems no one but swimmers understand this. people ask me where i get all the bruises from my arms and im like swimming. Then they just laugh. Ugh backstroke is the worst!

After the first 50!

This was me when I swam the 200 fly, then the 100 fly, and then a 50 fly in a 200 medley relay back to back to back.

68 Thoughts Every Swimmer Has During Practice #60! These are  true that im rolling with laughter!!

68 Thoughts Every Swimmer Has During Practice

68 Thoughts Every Swimmer Has During Practice, minus the song you always seem to have in your head

Still think swimming is easy?

THIS IS SO TRUE! Not just for a football player. Anyone who plays a sport, not including cheerleading (which is a sport and is just as bad if you do it correctly), and thinks swimming isn't as bad as their sport.

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HahahahahahahaahahahHahahahaahahahahaahahahaahahahahah (laughing stops) I never thaughts of that

Foods that competitive swimmers should eat

What Should Swimmers Eat?

This is real. And it works the same way the other direction.

How bad they are at land sports.

Coach Gunnie

Here's to all those people who have picked the cards of doom on a deck of cards set! A SWIMMER THING!