I love this, horses love having their friends too.  It is so sweet to watch.

Beautiful animals making friends with other animals. Oh, what animals can teach us! "Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." ~George Elliot Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life…….


I just thought this was cute.Dog and Horse 8 x 10 Print by…

Learn to sit

Dog and Pony Show - Christiane Slawik photography ~ Canine & Equine

When we older people start talking to me

Horse and pitbull buddies


Cool long pin of horse peeking out of his stable into the snow ❄️ Pretty white horse one ☝️ of my favorites!

Inspiring & Dreamy

Black and white paint. Love the markings

hi5 - Vasili Jeweler’s Profile

hi5 - Vasili Jeweler’s Profile


Irish wolfhound & cat snuggle Two of my favorite critters. I so want a Wolfhound.


Norwegian fjord mare and foal. These are like the horses in the movie "Frozen".

Dalmatian and Clydesdale.I love this picture of this gorgeous horse and the pretty Dalmatian sitting nest to one another. What an odd couple, but the beauty is there. And it's pretty funny because it is an advertisement for Budweiser 😂😂

De l'or ? Non, un cheval ...

~HORSES~ This is a Beautiful golden palomino.God's beauty shines in how He made this lovely animal! God knows how to make everything wonderful! See, hear, feel, talk to God in the Love of everyone of God's creations!

Love those furry feet!

American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Gypsy Vanner Indian pony It doesn't matter what you call this horse. All you need to know is it is a Horse and it is Beautiful!

The best way to make new friends sometimes is just to waddle right on over and introduce yourself

I wish our horses loved the ducks. The ducks just eat Winnie's grain.

My two favourite in one picture

My two favourite in one picture

Dognkey !!!

Swissy & a donkey are unusual barnyard friends. Most donkeys see dogs as coyotes/ predator! So this is exceptionally sweet & amazing!

Dream horse

Dream horse