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SessKag <3

I'm actually a Sesshomaru x Rin fan but this is incredibly cute so I'll pin it anyway!(from artist YoukaiYume) (I'm not a fan of SessKag but these are dang cute.


"Do you feel the pain now?" He snarled as Michel fell to his knees, clutching his throat, doubling up in pain. "Do you feel alive now?

Hotaru no mori e

Hotarubi no Mori e (Into The Forest Of Fireflies Light) - Yuki Midorikawa - Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Lord of the Rings fanart | Legolas fan art - Lord of the Rings

I usually really don't like Manga/Anime art of any kind especially of characters I like but this looks really great. Even his expression is perfect! And I LUV how this is Legolas! My fav character from Lord of the Rings (and Hobbit) in anime version!

Gin, Hotarubi no Mori e

Gin - Hotarubi no Mori e Knew he was gonna be hot from the moment I heard his voice - Now on my "to watch" list. Because I need more attractive fictional characters to be attracted to.