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The d-warves

Dean looks tired. --No, he looks like he wants to murder the camera man.

Bilbo Baggins! I love the top left, and the last two in the center line! And the bottom center!

The faces of Bilbo Baggins. I'll never ever get tired of saying how incredible Martin Freeman is as Bilbo Baggins.

1468761_667419786643686_1703268217_n.jpg (831×960) // I don't know why Peter Jackson insists on breaking my heart 10 times more than in the book by making Thorin actually have faith in Bilbo - it hurts me to see them actually become friends only for it to he destroyed. ;'((

It actually means "Die a Fiery Death" / "Burn in Hell" <-- straight from the mouth of Richard Armitage

[Nori/Jed Brophy/_______ of the Champions fanfic]  http://www.empireonline.com/images/image_index/original/66651.jpg

Meet The 13 Full-Size Actors Playing Dwarves In 'The Hobbit'

I don't always like the movie adaptations of books, but when I do, they're directed by Peter Jackson. (pin is from Fellowship of the Rings, JRR Tolkien)

and elevensies, dinner, luncheon, afternoon tea? :) I LOVE Lord of the Rings gahhh

But the hearts of men are easily corrupted | Isildur | Ain't that the truth!

But the hearts of men are easily corrupted. - a favorite LOTR quote of Dad's