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Rick and Daryl - The Walking Dead - "Rick's done alright by me."

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Don't know what to think here, she totally could be dead, but if you want to cling to hope someone may have grabbed her?

The baby seat is unbuckled. Pretty sure walkers can't unbuckle baby seats. Just sayin.


The Most Biting Walking Dead Memes - While I love this show, these are seriously hilarious & true!] Oh and let's not forget the baby!<<Ive never watched it but too hilarious not to pin

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40 of the Best 'Walking Dead' Memes from Season 3

Page 227 of 366 - The Walking Dead Memes that live on after the characters and season ended. Memes are the REAL zombies of the show.

Big bang theory and Walking dead - glen is Sheldon's old roommate! DANG the plot thickens. Mind=blown - My two favorite shows!

But Carrrrlllll

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