Life-Changing Magic for the Fall Season: Fold into the Darkness to Align with your Truth by Jennifer Sterling

Apples are my favorite fruit...but only in the fall when they are fresh. They are terrible the rest of the year.

After dinner, Alex, Zach, and I decided to go on an adventure around the orchard. We walked through the hundreds of trees stepping on all the fallen apples as we go. Running around and playing games was our favorite thing to do out here.

Mountains and flowers are so beautiful!

This is one of my most favorite spots to take pictures and One of my most favorite pictures ive taken!

marigolds | designlovefest by celia

marigolds | designlovefest by celia

I like this pic ;)

I love the pictures of falling leaves. Pictures like these make you realize how powerful photograph is with its ability to freeze time and hold a moment suspended in the air forever.

Roses in the garden. Cramoisi Superieur.

Roses in the garden.


Sometime when I was a little girl.layed in a field of flowers. Always when I dream of a peaceful, beautiful place I still have this field of flowers picture in my head.

~I See Beauty Around Me~ — Recycled Glass Stacking West Elm

A mix of native California wildflowers planted in December has started flowering at various places on campus.