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cahrino: “ vintagegal: “ Johnny Depp in publicity photos for John Waters’ Cry-Baby ” holy shit ”

“Photo credits: Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Creative Director for Magazine: Numero Homme Issue: October' 2017

Jesus he was so hot

💗Jesus Johnny is so hottttt💗

De mooiste jukbeenderen van de wereld. Echt waar!

Johnny Depp has said that he knows the pain women go through because he's worn high heels, slips and bras in movie roles.

johnny depp you are gorgeous

johnny depp you are gorgeous omg how is that even possible it's too much insanely beautiful

Johnny Depp - el álbum del Club de Fans

I have a super-dooper-mega crush on Johnny Depp, and to be frank, who the heck doesn't? Even Alfred has admitted that he'd be with Depp if.