Light Sculptures by Diet Wiegman shadows sculpture reflection light

'Shadow Dancing' a shadow sculpture made by visual artist Diet Wiegman . Diet Wiegman creates a bit of different sculptures by arranging p.

Neil Dawson sculpture

Neil Dawson's 'Horizons'

Neil Dawson sculpture, North Auckland, New Zealand. How is this real?

Shadow artwork by diet wiegman. Shadow art is a unique form of sculptural art that creates patterns on a wall or canvas using shadows or silhouettes. It is a cool art activity at home to entertain your family and friends.

30 Cool Shadow Art Examples

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Inspiring image of Looking at art XX ~ Brigitte Kowanz at Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna

Curiosities: One Man's Trash But is it art?  Tim Nobel and Sue Webster take piles of trash and make art into them... but sometimes the art isn't apparent until you see it in a different light.

Deceiving Silhouette Photography - Kumi Yamashita 'Shadow Art' Sheds Light on Cool Creations (GALLERY) – Bilderparade CCCXLII - Bild 16

50 pens suspended from the branches of a Weeping Willow tree created a drawing on a canvas placed beneath the tree. The tree is the artist! Isn’t that a super cool and innovative idea!

Water splash sculpture in Portishead.

Interesting splash sculpture @ this nature reserve. Looks more realistic being placed in water like it is.

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From architect and artist Red Hong Yi, observe these seven anamorphic Star Wars silhouettes, shadow art experiments created by shining a beam of light from a specific position onto different shapes arranged on wires.

Piles of Junk Cast Amazing Human Shadows (10 pictures) - Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Piles of Junk Cast Amazing Human Shadows

Tim Noble and Sue Webster take shadow sculpture to an extraordinary new level - creating amazing projected art work, but using ordinary things that would otherwise be considered waste or rubbish.

Artist Creates Indoor Clouds Using Humidifiers and Fog Machines

Artist:Berndnaut Smilde Nimbus II, cloud in room A gallery with no sculptures, only a cloud floating within the space. 'Nimbus' is a new installation of Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde, who refuses to explain how he managed to create a real cloud.

Christo, Big Air Package, Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany, 2010-13

Christo Unveils Inflatable, Light-Infused Installation in Germany Big Air Package, Gasometer Oberhausen

Der aus Brasilien stammende Künstler Henrique Oliviera fertigt riesige Baumstamm/Baumwurzel-Skulptuen und stellt diese in den Kunstgalerien so aus, als würden sie direkt aus den Wänden kommen. Die Skulpturen bestehen im Wesentlichen aus vielen einzelnen, bemalten Holzschalen, die auf ein vorgefertigtes Skelett aus PVC-Rohren geklebt werden. Bevorzugt benutzt er bereits gespaltene, marode Holzteile, die in seinen Augen somit den Zerfall des... Weiterlesen

odditiesoflife: “ Trees Burst Through Gallery Walls and Ceilings Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s powerful recycled wood art installations snake through their exhibition spaces like massive living.

Fantastische Artworks von dem aus Lissabon stammenden (sorry wegen gestern!) David Oliveira, der Drahtskulpturen aussehen lässt, wie Scribbles (= „Kritzeleien“). Nach den Doodle-Portraits, die ich hier einmal vorgestellt hatte, ist das hier wohl so ziemlich das Derbste aus dem Kritzel-Genre: „At first glance, it seems as though someone has just scribbled drawings on top of existing photos. In reality, Lisbon-born... Weiterlesen

Lisbon-born sculptor David Oliveira builds figurative sculptures using wire alone. Twisting and turning the material, the artist forms pieces that look like gestural drawings. To create the illusion that the sculptures.