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silver chatelaine

CHATELAINE the mirror is hallmarked Birmingham maker's mark CN; the pencil holder is marked Chester the match safe is engraved with the initials HHA; the envelope-shaped stamp holder is hallmarked Birmingham The length from top to bottom is

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CHATELAINE sterling chatelaine with embossed figural designs or cherubs on each piece, hallmarked 8 total length, perfume vinaigrette heart with crown pill box Even the links have faces on them.

Sterling chatelaine with pin back, 3-1/2" wide with five 3-4" chains; 3" glove hook, 3" mirror, 2" perfume, 2-3/4" aide memoire or notepad; 1-5/8" wide and 3/4" deep silver flowers and scrolls repousse pill box engraved "Myra March '98" with hallmark for Gorham 1897, one dimple on back. Each piece has an embossed flowers and scrolls motif.

1897 Sterling chatelaine with pin back: glove hook, mirror, perfume, aide memoire or notepad, repousse pill box engraved.

1870  to  World War l . Ladies would wear on there clothes.   Notepad and pencil ~ Pocket Knife ~ Perfume with tiny glass Stopper ~ Powder and Puff ~ Mirror and Photo Oval. chatelaine-1870

1870 to World War l . Notepad and pencil ~ Pocket Knife ~ Perfume with tiny glass Stopper ~ Powder and Puff ~ Mirror and Photo Oval.

"Chatelaines were worn around the waist of well-to-do housewives in the middle class, and head housekeepers of the upper classes, in the 19th and early 20th centuries. From the belt chain would hang everything a woman might need in her day, from sewing kits to keys to coin purses. The quality of your or your servant’s chatelaine was an excellent indication of status."

Vintage sewing machines, advertisements, graphics, prints, tools - from thimble to scissors and more.

Модерн .800 Серебро Хозяйка, с духами, блокнот, карандаш, фотография случае, и компактный, все с лиственных мотивов,

Art Nouveau Silver Chatelaine, with perfume, notepad, pencil, photograph…

Victorian Chatelaine

Victorian Chatelaine: with tape measure, spoon, sugar bottle, medicine bottle, scissors



civil war fashion plates | Sterling silver chatelaine complete with a whistle, folding buttonhook ...

The Killer Mobile Device for Victorian Women

The half-forgotten history of the chatelaine: "the killer mobile device for Victorian women" (Collectors Weekly)