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Why Copenhagen Is Building Parks That Can Turn Into Ponds

Copenhagen, Denmark Is Building Parks That Can Turn Into Ponds. Copenhagen's new Enghaveparken will have spaces that can host sporting events during dry weather and fill with water during heavy rains.

Cykelslangen (The Bicycle Snake) by Dissing + Weitling Arkitekter Copenhagen, Denmark

They ride fast, the Danes, and just off the bridge they've made a special protected path for the pedestrians! "The Bicycle Snake" near the shopping center "Fisketorvet" in Copenhagen designed by DISSING+WEITLING architecture!

Storbyhave ved Gadekærvej. Veel binnentuinen in deze wijk. Meer info op: http://www.kk.dk/da/borger/byggeri/byfornyelse/omraadefornyelser/gl-valby/projekter-i-gl-valby/storbyhave-ved-gadekaervej

Плитка и скамейка Active Benches, Valby City Garden Copenhagen Denmark, Landskab, 2013

Over the last ten years Farrells has become increasingly involved in the design of large scale landscape infrastructure at city and regional scales.