Snakes eating goannas. | 37 Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Craziest

The snakes there can eat other, bigger reptiles.

700 pound snake pulled from Proctor Lake in North Carolina @Anna Waltersdorf imagine what's in Australia

Snake — Giant Snake Found In North Carolina, Facts And Photos - you have to read the article. This snake is not, and could not be, 700 lb. [But it is a huge snake by anyone's standards!

Il aura fallu 37 jours pour capturer et tuerle plus grand anaconda en Amazonie (2967 kg pou 137 m) Ken - Google+

Is This Anaconda Really the World's Biggest Snake?: World's Biggest Snake?

Python eating bushtail possum in Australia.

Python consuming a bushtail possum in Australia

Bring it! ;)

Snake Who's the winner? whether Squirrel vs. if you've watched the Squirrel vs. Snake in this video?

Man Cleans Up Oil Spill In Dalian Port, Liaoning

Man In Oil Slude In Liaonin Province.A fisherman wades through the oil spill in Dalian.

Coccodrilli MANGIATI da serpenti.

Water python eats crocodile at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa, Queensland Australia

Another sneak peek of upcoming editorial in August issue. Amazing shot by pants by Burnett royale and top and bag by Palama Leather


An Australian olive Python pulling up it's wallaby meal. Olive pythons can grow up to lengths of 4 metres, and sometimes exceed that. They are Australia's second largest snake, coming behind the amethystine or "scrub" Python.

Rare: A reclusive skink lizard has been pictured alive for the first ever time by an amateur wildlife photographer

The missing skink: First pictures of snake-like lizard with tiny legs

The missing skink: Amateur wildlife photographer, Sjoerd van Berge Henegouwen, captured the first ever pictures of snake-like lizard with tiny legs that was assumed extinct. In the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Rocas vivientes, Chile. Puede ser difícil de creer, pero estas rocas son organismos vivientes que respiran. Su apariencia les permite camuflarse en las playas y evitar a los depredadores. Interesantemente, estas criaturas tienen órganos tanto femeninos como masculinos y pueden reproducirse individualmente

Fenómenos de la naturaleza que no creerás que suceden en la Tierra

Stranger than fiction. Pyura chilensis--the living rock. This animal looks just like a rock, but is a sea creature found off the coast of Chile and Peru. It is immobile, always born male, and secretes the rare mineral vanadium. Locals eat it in stews.

The biggest frog in the world weighs 57 pounds

Sonora Desert Toad The 57 pounds This giant Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo alvarius) was founded outside the Chiricahua Desert Museum on Jul.

Yellow anaconda giving birth////Sucuri-amarela dando a luz. Foto: Tomas… (Eunectes notaeus)

Yellow anaconda giving birth////Sucuri-amarela dando a luz. Foto: Tomas… (Eunectes notaeus) *Personal note: I do admire the person who risked his or her life for this photo because during the delivering, snakes and pythons are extremely vicious and deadly

Australian Bockadam Snake Cerberus australis

Australian Bockadam Snake Cerberus australis

3 headed snake!!! photoshopped???

"Three Headed Cobra" - The image does not depict a real three headed snake. A photograph of a normal, one-headed snake has been digitally manipulated to create the fake three-headed version.

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