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Rukia Kuchiki ~ Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki (朽木 ルキア, Kuchiki Rukia) is the lieutenant of the Division under Captain Jūshirō Ukitake. Rukia is the adoptive sister of Byakuya Kuchiki and a friend of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Hollow Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Fav pages for fans of Bleach Manga & TV images.

Take flight, Soifon oekaki by eri-yisu on DeviantArt

Bleach Captain Soifon of squad 2

Renji Abarai (阿散井 恋次, Abarai Renji) is the lieutenant of the Division under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.

Bleach Zangetsu

Bleach-Tensa Zangetsu - my all-time favorite part. ichigo learns there's someone that wants to protect him too.


Here we have 9 cool collection of Bleach Fan Art by Wen-JR or Romeo Jonathan, a french artist, designer and illustrator. A truly work of art.

Ichigo and Rukia

Though I am not a huge fan of the Big Three, this is an impressive fan art…

блииин ну когда же новый сезон блииича :))))))

I was looking at what should be the topic today for anime week so I look at my anime broad and saw that Bleach picture and the Durarara picture was the most popular so I bring you Bleach and Durarara day for Anime week!

Shunsui Kyoraku

Shunsui Sōzōsuke Jirō Kyōraku (京楽 次郎 総蔵佐 春水, Kyōraku no Jirō Sōzōsuke Shunsui) is the captain of the Division and Captain-Commander of the Gotei His lieutenants are Nanao Ise and Genshirō Okikiba. He is the former captain of the Division.