95 Unbelievable Realistically Depicted Scale Models That Come To Life

Scale models have been along for a long time , but only since the they began to grow in popularity as a great hobby for children and grown-ups alike!

Miniature Architecture Of Takanori Aiba

L'architecture miniature de Takanori Aiba

Artist Takanori Aiba (the bonsai tree house guy) is interviewed at My Modern Met. Click through to see his other work and hear what he has to say. This work is called "Ice Cream Packages Tower.


postez les plus beaux montages que vous voyez sur le net - Page 353

masterpiece by the wonderful diorama maker Per Olav Lund

masterpiece by the wonderful diorama maker Per Olav Lund

Transports were not the biggest ships in the U.S. Navy during WWII, but a 1/35 scale troop ship is a humongous undertaking. In that scale, master modeler Lewis Pruneau built this scene with landing craft and more than 200 figures — but only a section of the ship. “Otherwise,” he says, “that thing would have been 17' long!” Still, it is about 2' tall.

Build great scale models, Part 1

Michigan Toy Soldier Company Fine Toy Soldiers and Military Miniatures - World War II Gallery

Missouri BB63  1/200 by Kim Hyun Soo

USS Missouri - Light picture real ship, exact similar to the model display.