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Alice Kelson

Black and white moody photo of punk spiked collar and leather jacket with fingerless gloves.

mantilla veil 1

10 Types of Veils

Vintage Wedding Mantilla Veil - I love this! I also wore a mantilla when I got married.


Inanna, Queen of Heaven - Sumerian Great Goddess and forerunner of the Babylonian Ishtar. She is the first daughter of the moon, and the Star of Morning and Evening. Inanna is linked to the planet Venus and is a love Goddess.

Her deep dive into the sacred feminine is opening up fascinating secrets within her. It is the rule of the universe that it honours one's deepest intent.  Currently she is on the threshold of a new world. She's arrived at this place after an ardous journey. She's right now the Priestess of the Portal.

An ancient door in the old city, Delhi, India. What beautiful vibrant colors that come from the Indian culture


Inspiration for a vintage Indian wedding - Indian bridal make up - dupatta Yes vintage look is amazing. What I luv the most is those sari mannequin dolls the vintage ones, I think that bride look = the best by far, simple & bit of an old/retro twist .