Gibraltar’s Airport runway is also a vehicular traffic crossing.

Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar, British Territory The runway crosses a highway as the stopped cars attest. Gibraltar airport serves both military and passenger traffic and is located close to the famous Rock of Gibraltar.

Longest traffic jam...Japan

The world's longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China. It was over 60 miles long and lasted 11 days! *** I would of died or just abandoned the car! Note to self: Avoid Beijing, China!

Airbus A310-325/ET landing at Portugal Airport. The pilots were caught in some wind shear and it was near to total disaster, since the wing almost touched the ground. You can also see stress in the main landing gear.

Plane cartwheels usually don't end so well

ジブラルタル空港  スペイン南部のイベリア半島にあるイギリス領

Gibraltar airport, so here in the US we put down bars when a train passes by, in Gibraltar it's for plane takeoffs

La Peor Playa del Mundo dicen algunos, Se llama Maho Beach y se encuentra en la isla de St Maarten (Antillas holandesas).

KLM precision landing at Princess Juliana Airport, St Maarten, situated very close to the beach.

Playa Majo, Saint Martin

17 de las más inusuales playas del mundo

Extreme plane spotting at Maho Beach St Martin And no…it’s not photo shopped before anyone says it is ! Located on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin (i., Sint Maarten) is the.

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4. Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar

25 Insanely Dangerous Airports Around The World

25 Most Terrible Airports from Around the World

Gibraltar Border Row: UK And Spain's Prime Ministers In Talks...                     (07/08/13.)

PMs talk amid Gibraltar dispute

Gibraltar border row: UK and Spain PMs in talks

Gibraltar. Wow. Apparently, we'll leave our car on the other side of the airport runway in Spain, and walk to Gibraltar, which is Britain with a suntan. :)

Gibraltar runway that is also a road when planes are not landing or taking off!

Just a small portion of the KLM fleet parked at various gates of Amsterdam-Schiphol.

Schiphol ~ This was the first European airport and Amsterdam the first European city I experienced!

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft picture

planes parking who wants to buy one?

Amazing !!!!!!

Amazing !!!!!!

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God dammit marvel, you always knew this was going to happen.

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